Donations Received in

The MND Association (NI) would like to thank the following people, clubs and businesses who have generously donated to the Society. Your donations will make a real difference to those living with MND and bring our vision of a world free from MND a little closer.

Jul-2017 - IMO Gerry Madden


Jul-2017 - Ms Rhonda Willis


Jul-2017 - Lisa Trainor, Slimming World


Jul-2017 - Terry Armstrong, Centra


Jul-2017 - The Ladies Ormeau Golf Club


Jul-2017 - The Lord Mayor, Armagh City


Jul-2017 - HMRC Benefits & Credits Office


Jul-2017 - Ms Anna Mitchell


Jul-2017 - St Colm's High School


Jun-2017 - IMO Freda Kemp


Jun-2017 - De La Salle College


Jun-2017 - Karen Leitch


Jun-2017 - Armagh City Lord Mayor's Office


Jun-2017 - Creggan Enterprises


Jun-2017 - Ms Bernie Smith


Jun-2017 - Bill McWilliams


Jun-2017 - Derry Set Dancers


Jun-2017 - Bailey's Inn & KNYSNA


Jun-2017 - Sacred Heart Grammar School, Newry


Jun-2017 - Templepatrick Walking Group


Jun-2017 - Anaconda, Dungannon


Jun-2017 - Mrs D Knox


Jun-2017 - IMO Christopher F Beattie


Jun-2017 - Larne Art Club


Jun-2017 - Hugh & Bernadette McClean


Jun-2017 - Fundays Committee


Jun-2017 - Derriaghy Women's Institute


Jun-2017 - St Michael's Rambling Club


Jun-2017 - IMO Maudie Wilson


Jun-2017 - IMO John Morrow


Jun-2017 - George Adams & Pat Magee


May-2017 - Nat Assoc of Head Teachers NI


May-2017 - Trevor McBurney


May-2017 - The Late Jane Scott Brown


May-2017 - IMO Charlotte Armstrong


May-2017 - IMO James Bell


May-2017 - Lismore Comprehensive School


May-2017 - Christine Kerr & Kerry Woods


May-2017 - Antrim Rovers FC


May-2017 - Zara Graham


May-2017 - Royal Mail CSR, Liverpool


May-2017 - Mrs Josephine Rao


May-2017 - IMO Kevin Boyle


May-2017 - IMO Alan Ditty


May-2017 - IMO Evelyn Gillespie


May-2017 - The Lord Mayor, Armagh City


May-2017 - Rural Retailers, Keady


May-2017 - Seymour Street Methodist Church


May-2017 - Lillian McCoubrey


May-2017 - Bambou Restaurant


May-2017 - Finbar & Ryan McGarry


May-2017 - Paddy McGreevy Memorial


May-2017 - Thomas Harkin


May-2017 - Karen Killen


May-2017 - Mrs Verdi Hill


Apr-2017 - Cure Care PSNI


Apr-2017 - Conor Cassidy


Apr-2017 - Gerry O'Connor


Apr-2017 - IMO Harry Cooke


Apr-2017 - Mrs Patricia Sloan


Apr-2017 - Chris Williams


Apr-2017 - Fiveways Supermarket Newry


Apr-2017 - Chloe Wilson


Apr-2017 - Moss Construction


Apr-2017 - Albertville Harriers


Apr-2017 - IMO Robert Gordon


Apr-2017 - IMO Charlotte Armstrong


Apr-2017 - AOH Newry


Apr-2017 - Maureen Beattie


Apr-2017 - Maureen McKeown


Apr-2017 - Lisa Trainor


Apr-2017 - Mr & Mrs Hugh McClean


Apr-2017 - John Bailey


Mar-2017 - Mrs Anne Thompson


Mar-2017 - Legacy of William McKeown


Mar-2017 - Gerry O'Connor


Mar-2017 - IMO Allan Charles Young


Mar-2017 - IMO Harry Cooke


Mar-2017 - Christine Donnell


Mar-2017 - IMO Janice Hunt


Mar-2017 - IMO Marilyn Alexander


Mar-2017 - Mr & Mrs Colbear


Mar-2017 - IMO James Bell


Mar-2017 - Harry Greer, NAHT


Mar-2017 - IMO Kevin Magee


Mar-2017 - National Ass of Head Teachers


Mar-2017 - IMO Kevin Boyle


Mar-2017 - IMO Robert Gordon


Mar-2017 - IMO John McMahon


Mar-2017 - Allstate Strabane Staff Charity


Mar-2017 - IMO George Crooks


Mar-2017 - Killinchy N/S Presbyterian Church


Mar-2017 - Maureen Robinson


Mar-2017 - Portstewart Golf Club


Mar-2017 - Computershare, Derry


Mar-2017 - Armagh Harps Gaelic FC.

The Thumbs Up sign represents David Niven's last defiant gesture. It remains the Motor Neurone Disease Association's symbol of hope