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Creea Convery RCDA Northern Ireland

Communication Aids

Hi there. As you now I have been in post now since June of this year. I have met quite a few members now, whether that be at the clinics, afternoon teas or in peoples homes. If you feel you would like a visit , or a chat about the work of the association please feel free to give me a ring on 07831349369.
Part of my job is to look at services that are being provided to our population with Motor Neurone Disease..
I am keen to find out how many people are currently waiting to be provided with a communication device across Northern Ireland. If you have been assessed by a Speech and Language Therapist and are now waiting for your aid to arrive , please let me know 1)what type of device you are waiting for ( if you know) and 2 ) how long you have been waiting for.
Contact me on 07831349369 or send me an e mail me on creea.convery @mndassociation.org
Many Thanks

The Thumbs Up sign represents David Niven's last defiant gesture. It remains the Motor Neurone Disease Association's symbol of hope