Getting married

As you plan your wedding you might want to think of alternative presents and wedding favours so here are a few ideas that would help people living with Motor Neurone Disease. Please try to give us seven days notice.

1. Wedding Favours
If you would like to make a donation to Motor Neurone Disease Association Northern Ireland branch instead of giving your wedding guests traditional favours, we can provide you with lapel badges to let your guests know that you have chosen to do so. The suggested minimum donation is £1 per badge. We can also personalise the charity card with your names.
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2Set up an online fundraising page.
You can do this is by setting up an online giving page which supports MNDANI and ask your family and friends to donate instead of buying gifts. You can personalise it with photos and details of your celebration and it's a great way to keep track of how much has been raised.
Please contact us for help and to make sure you are donating to MNDANI.
3Special Gift Envelopes.
We can supply special gift envelopes that you can give out to your family and friends and ask them to donate instead of buying gifts.
MNDANI Logo Contact Details:
Mrs Marie Holmes
Secretary MNDANI
Mobile: 07561361556
Please try to give us seven days notice!

The Thumbs Up sign represents David Niven's last defiant gesture. It remains the Motor Neurone Disease Association's symbol of hope